Discover Dar Alouini

Our guesthouse is located in the heart of the fourth holy city of Islam, Kairouan, the mythical and eternal city.

Kairouan was founded in 670 by Uqba ibn nefaa. It will be the capital of Ifriqiya for 5 centuries and the space and centre for spreading the universal values of Arab-Islamic civilization.

Because of its rich history, architecture and cultural heritage, Kairouan has been inscribed on the UNESCO’S world heritage site since 1988.

Backed with those advantages, Dar Alouini which is close to “the holy Mosque of Uqba “was renovated with traditional materials and products drawing its inspiration from the Arab- Islamic architecture and the fire Andalusia.

The Bride Hammam

Your wedding night is getting close and you want to spend a memorable girl’s time!

Dar Alouini is offering you the opportunity to realize you dream ceremony by privatizing the Hammam for 2 or 3 hours with a free access to the pool.

A suite is also available for you.


Welcome to Dar Alouini! Our highly competent team is ready to host your guest warmly during your special ceremonies such as Weddings, engagement parties, Henna….


Dar Alouini a le plaisir de convier Amel Djait et son Hors Série 1001Tunisie, Le Collector et ce, le mercredi14 novembre 2018 à partir de 16 h.

C’est dans le cadre magnifique de notre nouvel hôtel de charme de Kairouan que se tiendra la séance de dédicaces. Dar Alouini se trouve en plein cœur de la médina, inscrite depuis 1988 sur la liste du patrimoine mondiale de l’Unesco.

Nous aurons donc un grand plaisir de partager avec vous un moment de convivialité en découvrant le palais, rencontrant la journaliste et échanger autour d’un thé et de délicieux《makroudh 》maison.




Opening Special offer:

Enjoy a pleasant time in Kairouan and book your stay in DAR Alouini.

Offer valid from 18/11/2018 to 18/12/2018 included exclusively on the website:

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Dar Alouini is a new guest house in the heart of Kairouan medina.

It is a two- storey house with nine richly decorated suites including a Hammam, a Sauna, a Swimming pool, a covered patio, a beautiful terrace with a view on the medina and an underground parking.

Each suite bears the name and the theme of a flower:

  • Royal suite <Majless>
  • Musk suite
  • Jasmin suite
  • Nessri suite
  • Lavender suite
  • Neroli suite
  • Rose suite
  • Amber suite
  • Geranium suite